Celo Foundation Welcomes Google Cloud as Validator: A Milestone for Web3 Development

Celo (on the left) and Google Cloud (on the right) will collaborate
Celo (on the left) and Google Cloud (on the right) will collaborate

In a significant development for the Web3 ecosystem, the Celo Foundation recently announced that Google Cloud has become a validator on their network. This collaboration is the latest testament to the long-standing relationship between Celo and Google Cloud, where the two giants have been working together to empower developers and Web3 founders to build on the network. The move comes after Celo’s successful proposal to migrate from its independent blockchain to an Ethereum layer-2 solution, aiming to enhance liquidity sharing and security. This article explores the implications of this partnership and its potential impact on the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The biggest companies unite to bring us Web3
The biggest companies unite to bring us Web3

Strengthening Ties: A History of Collaboration

Celo and Google Cloud’s partnership has a history of collaboration and shared initiatives, making this latest announcement a natural progression. Google Cloud’s involvement in offering workshops and cloud computing services to developers and Web3 founders building on the Celo network laid the foundation for a strong relationship between the two entities. As a result, Google Cloud’s transition to a validator on the Celo network is a testament to the project’s stability and potential for further growth.

Enhanced Liquidity Sharing and Security

One of the primary reasons behind Celo’s decision to migrate to an Ethereum layer-2 solution is to simplify liquidity sharing between the two networks and bolster security. With the implementation of the Blockchain Node Engine, node operations for Celo participants will be more efficient, as transactions can be relayed without waiting for nodes to sync. This optimization will enable seamless integration between Celo 2.0 and the Ethereum network, offering a more robust and interconnected Web3 ecosystem.

A Founding Partner of Google Cloud’s Web3 Startup Program

Celo Foundation’s role as a founding partner of Google Cloud’s Web3 startup program further underscores its commitment to nurturing the development of the Web3 space. By supporting startups and entrepreneurs looking to leverage blockchain technology, Celo has positioned itself as a driving force behind the widespread adoption of decentralized applications (dApps) and services.

Unlocking New Possibilities for the Web3 Ecosystem

The Celo-Google Cloud partnership has the potential to unlock a myriad of possibilities for the Web3 ecosystem. As Google Cloud joins the network as a validator, it brings the extensive resources and expertise of one of the world’s top technology companies. This collaboration could act as a catalyst for attracting more established tech giants to explore and participate in the decentralized space, which, in turn, will accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

Stability and Credibility: A Boost for Celo

The involvement of Google Cloud as a validator adds another layer of stability and credibility to the Celo network. As a validator, Google Cloud will be responsible for validating and securing transactions on the blockchain, which in turn, strengthens the overall integrity of the network. The tech giant’s participation signals to the broader crypto community and investors that Celo is a project worthy of serious attention and consideration.

Advancing the Web3 Narrative

The collaboration between Celo and Google Cloud is a powerful endorsement of the Web3 narrative. By attracting the interest of established tech giants, the Web3 space gains legitimacy in the eyes of skeptics and traditional institutions. This development could lead to increased funding, investment, and partnerships within the Web3 ecosystem, ultimately driving innovation and creating more opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs.


The Celo Foundation’s announcement of Google Cloud as a validator on their network marks a significant milestone for the Web3 ecosystem. The two entities’ long-standing relationship and previous collaboration in offering workshops and cloud computing services further solidify this partnership. The migration to an Ethereum layer-2 solution and the implementation of the Blockchain Node Engine demonstrate Celo’s commitment to enhancing liquidity sharing and security. As a founding partner of Google Cloud’s Web3 startup program, Celo has proven its dedication to supporting and nurturing the growth of the Web3 space. This collaboration paves the way for more tech giants to explore blockchain technology’s potential and boost the Celo network’s stability and credibility. Overall, this partnership demonstrates a significant step forward for the Web3 ecosystem and could be a game-changer in advancing the narrative of decentralized technology.

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