Bitcoin Halving Realities: Insights from CZ Binance CEO

BTC halving countdown on Binance Academy
BTC halving happens once in around 4 years

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, few events generate as much anticipation and excitement as the Bitcoin halving. This phenomenon, occurring approximately every four years, has often been associated with the promise of immediate price surges and financial windfalls. 

However, CZ Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao urges investors to temper their expectations, emphasizing that the real impact of a Bitcoin halving takes time to manifest.

CZ's post
CZ’s post on Binance Feed

The Pre-Halving Phase

Bitcoin’s current phase can be described as a robust accumulation, with a substantial 63.3% price jump igniting bullish sentiments within the crypto community. As CZ Binance CEO points out, this surge signals that Bitcoin is gearing up for a significant move as it enters the “pre-halving” phase. 

Over the past year, Bitcoin has consistently followed an upward trend, forming a symmetrical triangle pattern. Recent price rejections reinforce this pattern, leading to expectations of a price surge in the next 60-70 days following the consolidation period. Remarkably, Bitcoin has maintained a price range of $25,000 to $31,000 for over 200 days, highlighting the current stability in the market.

Rising Bitcoin Craze

The cryptocurrency sphere becomes abuzz with excitement in the months leading up to a Bitcoin halving. Extensive news coverage and heightened optimism prevail as investors view the halving as a pivotal moment for the crypto future. The event’s anticipation reaches a fever pitch, with expectations running high. However, as CZ Binance CEO cautions, the post-halving reality often differs significantly from these anticipatory sentiments.

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Post-Halving Realities

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin prices do not typically double overnight immediately following a halving event. This disparity between expectations and reality can lead to questions and confusion among investors. As CZ highlights, the effects of a halving take time to materialize, and patience is essential.

Multiple All-Time Highs

One of the most compelling insights shared by CZ Binance CEO is the historical data indicating that the year following a Bitcoin halving frequently witnesses multiple all-time highs (ATH). These surges, however, are not necessarily directly linked to the halving event itself. This observation underscores the importance of avoiding short-term memory biases and maintaining a long-term perspective when investing in Bitcoin.

The Unpredictable Nature of the Crypto Market

As the next Bitcoin halving event approaches, CZ Binance CEO’s analysis serves as a crucial reminder to investors. The crypto market is inherently unpredictable, and past trends do not guarantee future outcomes. Historical data reveals that Bitcoin experienced a 24% drop in 2015 and a 38% dip in 2019, which occurred 200 days before their halvings. With this in mind, a 30% decline could push Bitcoin’s price to $20,000. Therefore, investors must approach the upcoming halving event with cautious optimism and realistic expectations.


In the cryptocurrency world, CZ Binance CEO’s insights into the Bitcoin halving event provide valuable guidance for investors. It is essential to understand that immediate price surges are not guaranteed, and the real impact of a halving event may take time to manifest. The importance of long-term perspective cannot be overstated, with historical data pointing to multiple ATHs in the year being balanced. In this volatile and unpredictable market, CZ’s wisdom serves as a reminder that patience and a clear understanding of the crypto landscape are key to successful investment strategies.

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