Huobi Exchange Embarks on a Galactic Journey: Seeking Travel Companions for Founder’s Mars Flight

Yes indeed, this definitely looks legit, and it's defo not a joke (100%)
Yes indeed, this definitely looks legit, and it’s defo not a joke (100%)

In a move that will surely make Elon Musk raise an eyebrow, Huobi Exchange, one of the leading players in the crypto space, has announced an extraordinary mission: sending its founder on a one-way trip to Mars. But here’s the catch — they’re not stopping at just sending one person to the red planet; they’re searching for travel companions to join in on this cosmic adventure. 

Yes, you read that right! Huobi is taking “to the moon” to a whole new level. So, grab your spacesuits and buckle up as we explore this interstellar journey with Holdertips!

The Call for Martian Companions

No, they are not joking. You can learn the rules on the official site
No, they are not joking. You can learn the rules on the official site

In a press release that left many scratching their heads, Huobi Exchange boldly declared, “Who needs earthly destinations when you can conquer Mars together?” The crypto industry is no longer satisfied with Lambos and moon landings; they want to conquer planets now. And what better way to showcase their interplanetary ambitions than by sending their founder on a solo trip? But wait, there’s more — they want fellow crypto enthusiasts to join the party.

Who’s Eligible?

In the briefest form possible: Huobi will challenge any candidate who 

  • Is physically fit 
  • Is prepared for a space travel 
  • Contributes a lot to the community. 

And there is a mysterious “etc.” after this info on the official site. 

There will be 12 rounds for the contestants. The first round is already on; the results will be summarized at 12:00 (UTC) on July 20, 2023. 

So… Are you a crypto enthusiast with a sense of adventure? Do you possess a high tolerance for cramped spaces and freeze-dried food? If so, you might be the perfect candidate for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Huobi is searching for holders willing to leave behind earthly comforts and embark on a journey to a planet approximately 225 million kilometers away. Well, that sounds like a breeze!!

The Perks of Being a Martian Travel Companion

  • Lambo to Spaceship Upgrade: Forget about those earthly material possessions. As a companion on this Mars mission, you’ll get the ultimate upgrade: a spaceship! Say goodbye to Lamborghinis and hello to interstellar travel in style.
  • Zero-G Crypto Trading: Who said you couldn’t trade cryptocurrencies in zero gravity? Huobi Exchange promises a state-of-the-art trading platform onboard the spacecraft, ensuring you take every chance to buy the dip, even in the depths of space (BTW, you are free from trading fees for 180 days /srs on this one). 
  • Martian Moon Mining Rights: As a pioneer on Mars, you’ll have exclusive mining rights to any valuable resources you find. Forget about Bitcoin; it’s all about Marscoin now.
  • Alien Encounters: Imagine being the first humans to contact extraterrestrial life. Who needs earthly friends when you can have a Martian buddy? Just remember to bring some blockchain technology as a peace offering (do not attempt friendliness if they are hostile, though). 


In a world where crypto exchanges constantly strive for innovation and new frontiers, Huobi Exchange’s quest for Martian travel companions is a quirky twist that leaves us all wondering: what’s next? While leaving Earth behind and venturing into the unknown may sound tempting, let’s not forget the challenges and uncertainties of such a journey. But hey, if you’re up for an adventure of cosmic proportions, why not give it a shot? And maybe you will be the next epic figure in the decentrahacks Spotlight

So, fellow crypto enthusiasts, will you pack your bags and hop on Huobi’s Martian spaceship? Remember to bring your sense of humor and enjoy the ride to the cosmos. And if you encounter any aliens, be sure to tell them about the wonders of blockchain technology. Safe travels, holders!

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