Parrot Finance Redefines its Future: PRT Token Redemption Program Set to Begin on Monday

Redemption program soon
Redemption program soon

After two years of struggles in the decentralized finance space, Parrot Finance, the Solana-based lending and stablecoin market, is ready to turn the tide with a groundbreaking redemption program for its governance token, PRT. Led by activist investors and approved through a community vote, the redemption program aims to give back to token holders, creating opportunities for original investors and newcomers. However, the journey to this pivotal moment has not been without its share of controversies.

The Redemption Program Unveiled

Coindesk reports on Twitter
Coindesk reports on Twitter

On Monday, Parrot Finance will commence its ambitious PRT token redemption program, slated to last eight weeks. During this period, all sellers of PRT tokens will have the opportunity to exchange them for $0.0045 each through the stablecoin market established on the OpenBook decentralized exchange. This redemption initiative marks a significant shift for Parrot Finance, as it will eventually lead to the sunsetting of the PRT governance token.

Community Vote: Return to Token Holders

The redemption program gained momentum following a decisive community vote, where an overwhelming 99% majority voted to return a portion of Parrot Finance’s treasury to token holders. The treasury, valued at over $70 million, will be redistributed through the PRT token redemption, providing a much-needed opportunity for token holders to recover some of their investments.

A Divided Community

While the community vote strongly supported the redemption program, it also stirred controversy. Some small-time investors expressed discontent, arguing that Parrot’s developer team was retaining too much of the treasury for themselves. The concerns were fueled by allegations of insider influence on the voting process, with pseudonymous on-chain sleuth, Ashpool, pointing out apparent irregularities in the voting patterns.

Addressing the Backlash

Parrot Finance acknowledges the concerns raised by small-time investors and seeks to address them proactively. The team is committed to ensuring transparency and fair practices in the future. Parrot Finance will conduct audits and involve the community in future decision-making processes to build trust and foster inclusivity.

Rewards for Early and Activist Investors

For the original investors of Parrot and PRT, the redemption program offers an opportunity to reclaim a substantial portion of their initial investments. While the value recovery may hover around a tenth of their input, considering the project’s earlier struggles, it marks a significant step forward. On the other hand, activist investors, who tirelessly advocated for the redemption program, stand to gain potentially lucrative returns depending on their entry points.

A Transformational Moment for Parrot Finance

The PRT token redemption program is a transformational moment for Parrot Finance. The DeFi protocol acknowledges its journey on the Solana blockchain has been challenging. Despite raising over $90 million from retail and venture investors, Parrot Finance has needed help gaining traction and achieving its envisioned potential.

The Road Ahead: Parrot Finance 2.0

The redemption program begins a new chapter for Parrot Finance, aptly termed “Parrot Finance 2.0.” With the treasury reallocation to token holders, the protocol aims to foster a more inclusive and community-driven ecosystem. The development team will actively collaborate with the community to identify strategic opportunities and drive innovation.

Learning from Past Mistakes

Parrot Finance is determined to learn from past mistakes and chart a new course for success. The controversy surrounding the community vote is a stark and much-needed reminder of the importance of transparency, accountability, and fairness in governance processes. Parrot Finance will institute measures to prevent any undue influence on future decisions, ensuring that every voice in the community is heard and respected.


As Parrot Finance sets out on its redemption program journey, it embraces both challenges and opportunities. The DeFi protocol’s decision to redeem PRT tokens and return a portion of its treasury to token holders is a bold step toward building a stronger, more resilient community. With the controversies behind them, Parrot Finance aspires to emerge as a shining example of how a DeFi project can evolve, learn from past mistakes, and redefine its future. The redemption program is not just an end but a promising new beginning for Parrot Finance and its dedicated community of investors and supporters.

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