The Ultimate Pegaxy NFT Game Review 2023

The Ultimate Pegaxy NFT Game Review 2023
The Ultimate Pegaxy NFT Game Review 2023

The game development industry has surprised us with stunning graphics, amazing designs, and… opportunities to make crypto! One such project is Pegaxy — Pegasus Galaxy — an NFT-centered racing game that has the style to catch gamers’ attention. 

What is the Pegaxy NFT game? How to play Pegaxy? Is this project even real?..

What Is the Pegaxy Horse Game? 🦄

The Pegasus Galaxy NFT game is an online racing arena focusing on PvP. So, when you play Pegaxy, your #1 goal is to create a mighty stallion that is faster, more durable, and more well-trained than the other contestants. 


According to the Pegaxy NFT game whitepaper, the project runs on Polygon/Matic Layer 2 Solution and inherits the economic model brought to us by Axie Infinity. The PGX — Pegaxy Stone — is its governance token, while VIS — Vigorous — is the utility one. 

Game concept interpretation

Pegasus as a symbol comes to us from Greek mythology. The divine horse is usually depicted in light colors (mostly white) and symbolizes the ultimate happiness and freedom, including the freedom of art. Also, pegasi can travel through time and space. 

In the Pegaxy game, pegasi are represented in the futuristic style, yet saving their ancient attributes. Diving into symbolism, we can suggest that this game’s fundamental concept focuses on the freedom of creativity first and foremost and highlights that technological advancement gives humanity an amazing chance to attain new aesthetics that have evolved but not replaced the classics. 

Also, I made that up. TBH, there is not much lore, which I personally think is a disadvantage. But oh well.

Earning in the Pegaxy Game 🪙 

The main five ways of crypto earning in this NFT gaming project are 

  1. Horse Races
    Your pegasus must be the first among fourteen other contestants.
  2. Selling Horses
    Players can sell their best stallions or breed a potentially strong pegasus and present them in the marketplace. 
  3. Renting
    The NFT game also offers to rent, which allows sharing of the win profit. Pegaxy also has a separate rental marketplace for that. 
  4. Tournaments
    The events of this category can be individual or for guilds.
  5. The Grand Dash Competition
    For the biggest PGX rewards, the top racers can compete against each other. Note that only the best-performing horses can participate. The system allows twelve contestants from each class, and they must compete in several events until the fifteen best players are awarded.

The sixth money-making method exists. It involves marketplace price speculation. So, the developers also allow the collection of Founding and Crowned horses and reselling those. 

Learn more about those pegasus types here: 

NOTE! Several fees can make selling/reselling less rewarding. Every regular sale has a 3% fee, while auction purchases have 5%. Learn more about Pegaxy fees here

How to Play Pegaxy? 🐎

Players can participate in races for free
Players can participate in races for free

Before getting to the actual Pegaxy gameplay, gamers must connect their wallets to Polygon and then connect it to the NFT game’s site. The next step is buying a pegasus or renting one to participate in a race. 

Depending on which horse you have, the “Enter Race” button will redirect you to a lobby of a class you have chosen. The lobby gathers all the other players, and you have only one minute to prepare for the match. So, you gear up, and the race starts. 

Ensure you pick the most optimal horse for a race!
Ensure you pick the most optimal horse for a race!

The race is automatic. Players can only supervise how horses perform. So, the NFT gaming crypto project is 100% AFK regarding action. Hence, the game is passive and can be great as casual entertainment. 

Everything is automatic in this game, and you cannot influence the outcome greatly
Everything is automatic in this game, and you cannot influence the outcome greatly

The system rewards horses who take first, second, and third place. Entering the race is always free! So, the only expense you have to tolerate is when buying/renting a horse. In everything else, this NFT gaming crypto entertainment is F2P. 

Classes in the NFT Game Pegaxy ⚡

Choose a pegasus from one of the four Pega bloodlines
Choose a pegasus from one of the four Pega bloodlines

The classes are designated as “bloodlines” here and have a standard element-centered system. Your horses can enter four clans, which are…

  • Hoz — Lightning
    The elite class of pegasi; as fast as lightning. 
  • Campona — Fire
    The best clan to race in fiery arenas due to strong resistance to aggressive conditions with high heat. 
  • Klin — Water
    The most agile and strong class for rainy races and overall wet weather conditions.
  • Zan — Air
    The “hardest-working” clan whose main strengths are focus and durability.

Stats and Performance of Pegaxy Horses 📊

Statistics of your Pega horses matter a lot in the marketplace 
Statistics of your Pega horses matter a lot in the marketplace 

All Pegaxy horses have statistics that greatly influence their price in the marketplace. The most important significatives are: 

  • The win rate 
  • Breed type (Legendary, Founding, Epic, Pacer, and Rare) 
  • Status (can race or can breed).

The stats that influence how a race goes are: 

  • Speed 
  • Strength 
  • Wind 
  • Fire 
  • Water 
  • Lightning.
This sunshine of a horse has some great stats!
This sunshine of a horse has some great stats!

By breeding, players add those stats to a Pegaxy horse. Some combinations work better, and some make your pegasus perform slower. 

Speed is the #1 priority. In parallel, as a rule, it is best to ignore the strength stat. The element stats advancing depends on how you upgrade your racer. Still, there is insufficient information about balancing those stats to ensure your Pegaxy horse has a solid chance of winning. 

In addition, you can change your Pegaxy horses’ attributes by giving them gear for the chest, head, knees, and backside. Those give you an extra percent for a specific stat but remove one from another parameter. For instance, a +1% strength piece can take away 1% of wind. 

The Design of the Pegaxy NFT Game

The graphics of this NFT gaming crypto project is STUNNING. The visuals can make a demanding gamer forget about the too-easy Pegaxy gameplay. 

The aesthetics are enough to interest a gamer, but the overall design of locations is also great. Regarding the sound, the OSTs of this NFT game are electronic, which matches the vibe perfectly. 

The details Pegaxy horses possess are amazing. The meahctronic bodies, light and shadow on them, and animations look smooth and elaborate. Nevertheless, I must highlight that the game looks a bit plastic and crude when you watch the race because all animations are identical, regardless of your Pegaxy horse builds and stats. 

Pegaxy Horses Customization 👗🐴

Players can customize their horses, which is a cool feature without significantly impacting the gameplay. Character creation systems often enhance the experience, but this also aligns with the game’s concept well because pegasi are art symbols! 

Game Optimization 🖥️📱

You can enjoy this game using your mobile device
You can enjoy this game using your mobile device

The Pegasus Galaxy NFT game is perfectly optimized for PCs, but its mobile version is still in Beta. Players can use the mobile version to race, but breeding, renting, and marketplace operations will only be available later. The team keeps its community updated, though. 

The fully-optimized mobile version is expected to be fully functional in the second quarter of 2023. 

Can the Team Sustain Its Success? 🤔

The Pegasus Galaxy NFT crypto game has a big team of professionals
The Pegasus Galaxy NFT crypto game has a big team of professionals

A solid team of Vietnamese, Philippines, Canadian, and Australian specialists created the Pegaxy crypto game. We can instantly see that the group has many talented artists, data scientists, engineers, communication professionals, game testers, and support managers. 

Unlike Gold Fever, which two professionals created, the Pegaxy crypto NFT game team comprises fifty specialists striving to provide careers for other talented developers. 

Given the success, growth, and concrete roadmap for 2023, the NFT game has all chances to sustain its popularity. 

What About This Gaming Coin? Token Analysis Time 📈

PGX token
PGX token

Despite appreciation and game development success, the PGX token needs more time to become a good offer. Its price at the start was quite low, but the crypto market collapse made it fall to Oblivion, and the signs of recovery are weak. 

Moreover, note that all information about the PGX gaming coin is self-reported! 

At the moment of analysis, the statistics show the following: 

Price (approximate)$0.005831 
Market cap $1,014,315 
Fully diluted $5,832,693 
Trading volume $7,959 
Circulating supply 173,924,621 PGX
Historical dataHistorical data

As the crypto market recovers, the Pegaxy crypto project has more chances to grow and return to its starting point. Nevertheless, we cannot predict its evolution due to data inaccuracy. 

NFT Game Pegaxy Community 👩🧑‍🦱👨‍🦰

Communities can sometimes carry a cryptocurrency/NFT project during hard times. Some examples of how a fan base can be influential are the DOGE and BabyDoge. What about this NFT gaming crypto app? Does it have the support it might need in the future? 

Gamers can use several communication channels to monitor game updates or find new information that can help them advance. One such community hub is Pegaxy’s Twitter page, but there are also Discord, Telegram, and some other social media accounts that can be helpful. 

The audience does not seem active, but the community is bullish on its token and supports the game. Nevertheless, there are also negative comments without much context, so the first assumption is that some people have already lost money because of Pegaxy. 

So far, the community might not be strong enough to help if another crisis strikes the project. 

Conclusion 🌈

Pegaxy is a visually-stunning, detailed, and merely beautiful NFT game for casual players. It is mostly an AFK experience, but the design of NFTs in it is 10/10. 

Regarding Pegaxy gameplay, it can be boring. All competitions are 100% automatic, so the activities in this NFT game narrow down to breeding a pegasus to get optimal stats for a race. 

The concept needs more lore because now we only have a vague system of classes. More information about the origin, the universe, and other components can make this entertainment a much better option. 

As for money-making, Pegaxy is an 8/10. I will remind you that entering a race is free, and you can do that for as long as you want. Most of the time, you will lose, but no gamer loses because of that. In the meantime, winning takes will give you tangible rewards. 

I happily give this game 7.5/10 for its breathtaking visuals, good sound, clear plans, and crypto-earning opportunities, but it needs more features and context. 

Happy races, Pegaxians! 

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