Binance’s Commitment to Compliance: Applying for Registration Under Taiwan’s Money Laundering Control Act

Binance demonstrates its reliability in Taiwan
Binance demonstrates its reliability in Taiwan

In a significant move towards enhanced transparency and accountability, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is making strides to ensure compliance with Taiwan’s Money Laundering Control Act. The exchange’s decision to apply for registration under this act reflects its commitment to promoting a safer and more secure cryptocurrency ecosystem while aligning with Taiwan’s efforts to regulate the industry and combat financial crime.

A Step Towards Responsible Cryptocurrency Trading

FSC headquarters
FSC headquarters

The closed-door meeting held by Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) on Tuesday marked a pivotal moment for the cryptocurrency industry in Taiwan. The commission informed domestic crypto service providers, including Binance, about the exchange’s application to be registered under the Money Laundering Control Act. That demonstrates Binance’s willingness to operate within the country’s legal framework and contribute to its financial integrity.

Taiwan’s Regulatory Landscape

Taiwan’s proactive stance on regulating the cryptocurrency sector is evident through its introduction of anti-money laundering rules in July 2021. These regulations mandate virtual assets service providers (VASPs) to adhere to anti-money laundering laws, a critical step towards preventing illicit activities within the crypto space. With Binance’s registration application, the exchange acknowledges the importance of these regulations and takes responsible action to align its operations accordingly.

Enhanced Collaboration for a Safer Future

Binance’s commitment to compliance extends beyond paperwork and regulations. The exchange has already demonstrated its dedication to combatting cybercrime in Taiwan through strategic partnerships with local law enforcement agencies. Binance joined forces with Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau in a noteworthy collaboration, sharing invaluable insights and expertise on digital asset-related crime with over 200 Taiwanese law enforcement officers. This partnership highlights Binance’s proactive approach to fostering a safer online environment for traders and the general public.

Benefits of Regulation: Are There Any? 

Binance’s decision to apply for registration under the Money Laundering Control Act comes with several inherent benefits. First and foremost, it contributes to a more transparent and trustworthy cryptocurrency landscape, attracting cautious investors and institutions who seek legitimacy and compliance. Such a move can alleviate concerns about the misuse of cryptocurrencies for illegal activities, fostering a positive perception of the industry.

Moreover, regulated exchanges like Binance can serve as role models for other market participants, encouraging them to adopt similar compliance measures. This cascading effect can ultimately lead to a more robust and accountable cryptocurrency ecosystem, minimizing risks associated with fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities.


Binance’s application for registration under Taiwan’s Money Laundering Control Act signifies a commendable step towards responsible cryptocurrency trading and regulation. By voluntarily embracing compliance measures and partnering with law enforcement agencies, Binance sets a noteworthy example for the industry. As the world watches, the exchange’s commitment to transparency and accountability has the potential to shape a more secure and trustworthy future for cryptocurrencies in Taiwan and beyond. This move is not only a win for the industry but also for the users, investors, and enthusiasts who deserve a safe and legitimate platform to engage with the exciting world of digital assets.

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