GodsUnchained Guide: Can This NFT Game Bring You Millions?

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey where gaming and money-making unite perfectly? Say hello to the captivating world of NFT and play-to-earn crypto games! It’s time to level up your gaming experience and unleash your inner adventurer while reaping the rewards — sometimes even high-quality ones.

Today, our spotlight shines brightly on the phenomenal universe of GodsUnchained, an NFT card game that blends the thrill of trading card battles with the potential for good financial gains. Imagine diving headfirst into a realm where every strategic move you make determines your in-game triumph and translates into real-world value. Is this game great? How to play GodsUnchained? And, most importantly, can this game give you good cryptos? Let us dive in…

GodsUnchained Review 2023 (Briefly)

Official game art
Official game art

So, welcome to GodsUnchained, where PvP meets TCG in a compelling blend of strategic gameplay and tantalizing rewards. 

Deck building takes center stage in this digital showdown, and GodsUnchained sets itself apart by drawing comparisons to Slay the Spire and Hearthstone. You embark on thrilling deck-crafting adventures that keep you on your toes and challenge your tactical genius. Like Slay the Spire, every card choice matters in GodsUnchained, and crafting the perfect deck can mean the difference between triumph and defeat.

But here’s the twist — winning battles in GodsUnchained isn’t just for the thrill of victory. It’s your gateway to tangible value. Each hard-earned victory rewards you with unique NFT cards, and you know what that means? You own them! These Non-Fungible Tokens grant you true ownership of your in-game treasures, allowing you to trade them on the open market and potentially turn your gameplay into lucrative financial gains.

Oh, did I mention the visuals? GodsUnchained boasts breathtaking graphics that immerse you in a world of ancient gods, mythical creatures, and epic battles. The eye-catching artistry adds a layer of allure to the addictive gameplay, making it a feast for both the strategic and aesthetic senses.

NFTs and play-to-earn features aside, this game is enjoyable and interesting. Also, it can be quite unchallenging, especially when you have already gained experience in games of this genre. Its difficulty is optimal and somewhat undetermined since you never know who matches against you (and it might be a really risky TCG gambler). 

Regarding the gameplay itself, it is at least 7/10

How to Play GodsUnchained? 

Playing the GodsUnchained crypto game takes some preparation. Let us see what you must do before even getting into an epic battle. 

Five steps before you enter the card arena 

Embarking on your thrilling journey through GodsUnchained NFT TCG is easier than you think! Here are the five steps you need to take before immersing yourself in this captivating play-to-earn game:

  1. Account Creation and Game Download: The first step is to create your account on the GodsUnchained platform. Head to the official website and sign up with your details. Once your account is ready, just download the game client to your device. Whether you’re on PC or mobile, the download is just a few clicks away, opening the door to the epic adventure that awaits.
  2. Install the Game: After downloading the game client, install it on your device. GodsUnchained offers a smooth and user-friendly installation process, ensuring you’re all set to delve into the action-packed world of card battles and crypto treasures.
  3. Creating/Connecting the Crypto Wallet: With your game client ready, it’s time to connect your crypto wallet. To participate in the play-to-earn ecosystem, you’ll need a digital wallet that supports NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Create an account or log in if you already have one, and keep your wallet credentials secure — they are your key to accessing your valuable NFT card collection and potential earnings.
  4. Setting a Default Wallet: Now that your crypto wallet is connected, ensure you set it as the default wallet in the game client. This step is crucial for seamless transactions and rewards. Setting the default wallet lets you easily access your NFT assets, making trading and ownership management a breeze.
  5. Start Playing and Earning: Congratulations! You’re all set to dive into the captivating realm of GodsUnchained NFT TCG. Build strategic decks, engage in thrilling PvP battles, and conquer opponents to earn unique NFT cards as your well-deserved spoils.

If you need specific instructions for some wallets, the official website has a guide for Metamask and Gamestop. 

In the Game Already: What Can and Should You Do? 

After completing the installation and yada-yada, you can finally enter the alternative realm of this play-to-earn crypto TCG…

Game modes 

Four game mods in Gods Unchained NFT game exist, and these are 

  • Tutorial (obviously) 
  • Solo: Play in a single-player mode to practice, discover some features, create a unique tactic, etc. 
  • Ranked: Play against other crypto TCG enthusiasts and earn rewards. 
  • Direct Challenge: This mode exists to connect with another player directly or play with your friend. 

I recommend going through the tutorial and sparing at least half an hour to play alone. Remember that this game can be challenging, especially when this is your first TCG!

Moreover, completing the tutorial introduces you to the Arena, explains all controls, and rewards you with starter cards. This preset deck can carry you for some time. You will get to choose your unique decks later, anyway. Furthermore, a deck must contain thirty cards, and you have yet to access some better ones. 

By the way, the game lets you customize Boards and Trinkets. While these things do not give you any new cards, stats, extra moves, or something else that can save you a round, having a board you like aesthetically is a nice bonus. 

Picking a deck 

Six starter decks exist, and you can choose any you like entering the Solo mode in Gods Unchained NFT game. Wait with the experiments! It is barely possible to create a powerful deck when you have just started your journey. 

The GodsUnchained starter decks are dedicated to specific gods…

  • Magic: Elyrian, an elegant god of magic who appreciates patience and deep thinking. His believers know that any decision requires rigorous planning and attention (even if that decision is to kill something with fire). 
  • Light (best for early game): Thaelier is a god who appreciates loyalty and tradition. Faith carries the disciples of Light. Also, this deck has some of the best healing cards! 
  • Nature (great for early game): Aeona is a goddess no one can tame because she is nature herself. She always helps her followers with unexpected turns of events… This deck also has some powerful cards for the beginning of your journey!
  • Death: Malissus is a dark goddess with amazing powers, but she demands a sacrifice. You will probably banish everyone to the left and right with this deck, but the dark matter can grab your leg anytime. 
  • War: Auros is a leader of all battles, and his disciples are only effective when there is no fear. This risky deck is aggressive but can win you epic and fast rewards. 
  • Deception: Ludia is a deceptive goddess who saves and protects those who get into an opponent’s head before getting to the prize. This deck is great for those whose strategy is mostly based on what an opponent does. 

Only one godly power is available in a game. Sure, you can use it infinitely, but only when you have enough mana (the numbers on each card are how much mana is needed to play this card). I recommend focusing on 1-2 mana cards so that you get many of them and get used to their abilities before proceeding to something more powerful. Sure, a match like this will take longer, but you will be 90% safe. 

On the board 

The controls in this game are simple. Like with Slay the Spire, you pick any card you think will be effective and drag it further. 

The game is played in turns. You can play many cards in one turn if your mana level allows it. In the beginning, you will have the minimum power, meaning you will most likely choose 1-mana cards. After using your mana, click on the switch…

Yes, that one in the red circle
Yes, that one in the red circle

This button looks in the direction of who will play their cards. 

Regarding getting more mana, you will get additional points with every turn. You can get five mana after five turns. To get six and then seven mana, you will have to play two more turns to collect each point. For eight mana, you must play three more turns. To get the maximum, which is nine mana, you must play four turns. So, the progression to unlocking every slot gets more challenging. 

You can also use the Bag of Tricks to get more mana slots. Note that the first player gets only one item like that since the first ones always have an advantage. The second opponent gets more but can only use one trick per turn. 

What is Favor in Gods Unchained NFT game? Favor are points you receive during a game. You can take a second to open the Sanctum panel that gives you a god’s “favor” — another, more powerful card. 

Get another NFT card by using a god's favor
Get another NFT card by using a god’s favor

Please note! These points RESET after each round. Use this feature every time! 

When it comes to battles, the system is quite simple yet entertaining. Each card you have damages the opponent’s cards. You can also attack their god. Of course, another player will also try to take you down. 

That is pretty much it. Everything else depends on your tactics, preferences, and goals. Enjoy the game! 

The Gods Unchained NFT Market 

The marketplace has some great affordable cards. You can easily get more useful creatures, supports, and damage dealers after several hours of your first play
The marketplace has some great affordable cards. You can easily get more useful creatures, supports, and damage dealers after several hours of your first play

While the most powerful cards in the game are highly sought after and may command prices over the equivalent of $20, fear not, as the vast majority of cards are incredibly affordable, often priced at just several cents. That accessibility ensures that every player can enhance their deck with unique and intriguing NFTs without digging too deep into their virtual wallet.

I recommend exploring the Gods Unchained marketplace for yourself. It is well-designed and user-friendly. 

Well, the GODS coin is in its trash era
Well, the GODS coin is in its trash era

I mean… You can see the situation yourself: here is the GODS CoinMarketCap page. It used to be quite a valuable coin at first. It even had an uprising, but the price went down extremely. At least today, this is an affordable coin that gives you access to a great game. 

Final Words: Unchain Your Inner God 

While Gods Unchained NFT play-to-earn game is unlikely to make you a billionaire, it is an enjoyable TCG gaming experience. It might give you greater revenue if games of this genre are your favorites, though, because you will likely advance faster and win powerful cards that cost $10-20+ on the marketplace. 

Unleash the god inside, beat your opponents, slash your enemies, and enjoy! Happy gaming! 

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