Deciphering Joe Biden’s ‘Laser Eyes’ Meme: A Cultural Shift or Misunderstood Message?

In the wake of the Super Bowl, President Joe Biden’s decision to post a ‘laser eyes’ meme has sparked a flurry of speculation and debate across both the cryptocurrency community and the broader public. Traditionally, the ‘laser eyes’ meme has been closely associated with Bitcoin and the crypto world, symbolizing support and bullish optimism for the digital currency’s future. However, Biden’s use of the meme, notably devoid of any direct reference to Bitcoin, has ignited discussions about the implications of political figures engaging with internet culture symbols that have deep-rooted meanings in specific communities. This article for explores the nuances of Biden’s meme usage, arguing its significance in the context of cultural shifts and the potential misunderstandings it may engender.

The ‘Laser Eyes’ Phenomenon: A Brief Overview

Joe Bidens latest laser-eye post has inadvertently thrust him into the spotlight as a prominent Bitcoin ambassador.

The ‘laser eyes’ meme gained traction within the cryptocurrency community as a way for supporters of Bitcoin and other digital currencies to express their bullish stance on the future of crypto. By adding red laser beams to one’s eyes in profile pictures or posts, individuals signal their belief in the unstoppable rise of cryptocurrency values. As such, the meme has become a powerful symbol of unity and optimism among crypto enthusiasts.

Biden’s Meme: A Cultural Misappropriation?

Some members of the cryptocurrency community have interpreted Biden’s use of the ‘laser eyes’ meme as a form of cultural misappropriation, arguing that its usage by someone outside the community — especially a prominent political figure — dilutes its meaning and significance. They contend that the meme’s association with Bitcoin is an essential part of its identity, and using it in a different context risks misunderstanding and trivializing the values it represents.

Counterargument: The Evolution of Internet Culture


On the other hand, proponents of a more fluid interpretation of internet culture argue that memes, by their very nature, are subject to evolution and reinterpretation. They suggest that Biden’s adoption of the ‘laser eyes’ meme reflects the growing influence of internet culture on mainstream discourse, demonstrating how symbols initially rooted in niche communities can gain broader societal relevance. From this perspective, the meme’s usage by Biden is seen as an acknowledgment of its cultural impact, rather than a misinterpretation of its original meaning.

The Importance of Contextual Awareness

The debate over Biden’s ‘laser eyes’ meme underscores the importance of contextual awareness when political figures engage with internet culture. While the democratization of cultural symbols can lead to their widespread adoption, there remains a delicate balance between embracing internet culture and respecting the meanings these symbols hold within their original communities. For political figures, navigating this landscape requires sensitivity to the nuances of digital expression and an understanding of the potential implications of their online actions.


President Joe Biden’s post featuring the ‘laser eyes’ meme has opened up a broader conversation about the intersection of internet culture and political discourse. While some view his usage of the meme as a misunderstanding or appropriation of a symbol deeply tied to the cryptocurrency community, others see it as evidence of the evolving nature of digital culture and its increasing relevance in the public sphere. As memes and internet culture continue to influence mainstream discourse, the dialogue around their usage by public figures is likely to persist, highlighting the need for a nuanced approach to digital communication in the political realm.