Matter Labs Accused of Copying Polygon Zero’s Library: Drama Time

Polygon Zero has just thrown some serious shade at Matter Labs
Polygon Zero has just thrown some serious shade at Matter Labs

In the thrilling world of cryptocurrency and blockchain development, accusations of plagiarism and intrigue have surfaced again. Polygon Zero, a prominent player in the zero-knowledge rollups arena, has leveled serious allegations against Matter Labs, claiming that the latter copied their Plonky2 software library without proper attribution or copyright. The plot thickens as these two fierce competitors continue their battle for dominance in the Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem.

A Case of Copy-Paste

Polygon Zero created a post, and, well, here it is
Polygon Zero created a post, and, well, here it is

The controversy erupted when Polygon released a blog post accusing Matter Labs of copying some of its source code for the recently launched Boojum proving system. According to Polygon’s claims, Matter Labs failed to credit them or acknowledge the original copyrights for the code used in their new release. This move has raised eyebrows, as the open-source ethos is about giving credit where it’s due and fostering collaboration within the blockchain community.

An Ecosystem in Turmoil

Snap! Polygon’s blog post did not mince words when it pointed out that copying source code without proper attribution and making misleading claims goes against the principles underpinning the open-source movement. Such actions not only create distrust among developers but also harm the overall ecosystem. In a realm where transparency and trust are paramount, these accusations could have far-reaching consequences for both projects.

Matter Labs VS Polygon Zero: The Rivalry Ignites

Get your popcorn ready because this rivalry is getting spicy! Matter Labs and Polygon Zero have been going head-to-head, competing fiercely to build the best zero-knowledge rollups and layer 2 blockchains for Ethereum. It’s like a high-stakes race; both teams are hungry for the top spot. No wonder things are getting intense!

Unraveling the Open-Source Mystery

In the land of open-source, it’s all about playing fair and giving credit where credit’s due. Like a big family sharing their secret recipes, developers should collaborate and respect each other’s work. But when copy-pasting happens without proper attribution, it’s like a “whoopsie” moment with serious consequences.

Waiting for Response 

As the drama unfolds, the blockchain community eagerly awaits the response from Matter Labs. Will they deny the accusations or own up to any oversight and provide proper attribution? The open-source community values accountability, and how Matter Labs handles this situation will significantly impact its reputation in the blockchain space.


Hey, did you hear about this wild drama going on in the blockchain world? Polygon Zero is calling out Matter Labs for copying their code without giving proper credit! The Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem is buzzing with excitement! Let’s hope this mess gets sorted out and the developers return to building amazing tech together. Stay tuned for more jaw-dropping updates because the fun never stops in the world of crypto!

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