NEAR Foundation’s Partnership with Alibaba Cloud: What Must We Expect?

NEAR (on the left) and Alibaba Cloud (on the right) have created a partnership 
NEAR (on the left) and Alibaba Cloud (on the right) have created a partnership 

This collaboration aims to bring together the strengths of both entities to foster blockchain innovation and advance the adoption of decentralized applications (dApps). While this partnership holds promising prospects and creates more positive crypto price predictions for NEAR, it is essential to critically examine its potential benefits and drawbacks to comprehensively understand its implications.

NEAR's price is immediately higher after the announcement
NEAR’s price is immediately higher after the announcement

The Pros of NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud Partnership

  • Enhanced Scalability: Alibaba Cloud’s robust infrastructure and extensive network capabilities can provide NEAR Foundation with the necessary resources to scale its blockchain platform effectively. This partnership may contribute to improved transaction speeds and overall performance, making NEAR more attractive to developers and users alike.
  • Access to a Vast User Base: Alibaba Cloud’s wide user base and extensive market reach can potentially expose NEAR Foundation’s technology and dApps to a broader audience. This increased visibility may lead to greater adoption and utilization of NEAR’s blockchain platform, driving innovation and ecosystem growth.
  • Collaborative Innovation: The partnership between NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud facilitates collaborative innovation by combining the expertise and resources of both organizations. This synergy could lead to the development of novel solutions, addressing challenges in blockchain scalability, security, and usability.
  • Industry Validation: Alibaba Cloud’s association with NEAR Foundation lends credibility to the blockchain platform, providing industry validation and signaling confidence in its technology. This validation can attract additional partners, investors, and developers to the NEAR ecosystem, bolstering its long-term sustainability.

The Potential Drawbacks and Considerations

  • Centralization Concerns: As a prominent cloud computing provider, Alibaba Cloud’s involvement raises concerns about centralization within the NEAR ecosystem. Blockchain technology aims to decentralize control and power, but partnerships with centralized entities may present challenges in maintaining the intended decentralized nature of the network.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Alibaba Cloud’s position as a cloud provider raises questions about data privacy and security. It is crucial for NEAR Foundation to ensure that user data and sensitive information stored on the blockchain platform are adequately protected, taking into account potential risks associated with third-party involvement.
  • Potential Influence on Governance: Collaboration with a corporate giant like Alibaba Cloud may introduce potential governance concerns. It is vital for NEAR Foundation to maintain transparency, inclusive decision-making processes, and equitable distribution of power to ensure the interests of all participants within the ecosystem are represented.
  • Impact on Decentralized Nature: The partnership with Alibaba Cloud may impact the perception of NEAR’s decentralization. It is important for NEAR Foundation to communicate how the collaboration aligns with the project’s core principles and values while emphasizing the steps taken to preserve decentralization and community involvement.


NEAR Foundation’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud presents exciting opportunities for blockchain scalability, market exposure, and collaborative innovation. However, it is crucial to carefully consider the potential drawbacks and challenges associated with the involvement of a centralized entity. NEAR Foundation should remain committed to its vision of decentralization, data privacy, and inclusive governance, ensuring that the partnership aligns with the long-term interests of its community and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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