Satoshi Nakamoto Posts a Tweet for the First Time in Five Years… But It Is Actually Craig Wright 

The tweet posted by Satoshi Nakamoto's account is Craig Wright's work — he is not the real Bitcoin creator!
The tweet posted by Satoshi Nakamoto’s account is Craig Wright’s work — he is not the real Bitcoin creator!

In the cryptic world of cryptocurrencies, the elusive figure of Satoshi Nakamoto has always captured the imagination of enthusiasts. After BTC had gone over $28K, an X (Twitter) account claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto tweeted about Bitcoin’s future, sending ripples across the crypto community…

The Tweet That Turned Heads 

Satoshi Nakamoto's (Craig Wright's) post
Satoshi Nakamoto’s (Craig Wright’s) post

In a tweet that seemed to emerge from the shadows, an X account purporting to be Satoshi Nakamoto declared, “Bitcoin is a predicate machine.” The tweet hinted at forthcoming explorations of aspects not explicitly detailed in the Bitcoin whitepaper. The crypto world was excited, and the tweet quickly garnered five million views as enthusiasts and skeptics speculated on the implications.

The Unveiling of the True Identity 

Behind the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto Twitter account lurked Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist and businessman. Wright has long claimed to be a pivotal figure in Bitcoin’s creation, going so far as to assert that he is behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s pseudonym. However, these claims have been met with widespread skepticism from the media and the cryptocurrency community, who have largely dismissed his assertions as false.

Bitcoin community reaction
Bitcoin community reaction

The X (Twitter) community wasted no time in scrutinizing the authenticity of the Satoshi Nakamoto tweet. Within hours, evidence surfaced that contradicted the claim. This compelling proof exposed the tweet as an elaborate ruse. While the tweet had garnered significant attention, it clearly did not originate from the true Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Significance of Fact-Checking 

This episode is a stark reminder of the critical importance of fact-checking in the crypto world and the broader digital space. In an environment where information spreads rapidly, verifying the authenticity of claims and sources is paramount. The consequences of misinformation can be far-reaching, impacting market sentiment, investor decisions, and the reputation of individuals and projects within the crypto industry.

Cryptocurrency Community’s Vulnerability to Misinformation 

The cryptocurrency landscape is no stranger to misinformation and false claims. Bad actors often exploit this ambiguity due to the absence of clear regulations in some areas. Inaccurate information can lead to market volatility, pump-and-dump schemes, and unwarranted panic among investors. For the industry to mature and thrive, it must prioritize transparency, accountability, and rigorous fact-checking processes.


The recent saga of the Satoshi Nakamoto tweet, attributed to Craig Wright, underscores the need for vigilance in the crypto community. As the crypto world continues to evolve, each participant is responsible for verifying information. Fact-checking safeguards individual investors and the integrity of the broader crypto ecosystem. In a realm where trust is paramount, diligence in separating fact from fiction is the bedrock upon which crypto’s future success will be built.

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