Hedera Crypto Price Prediction 2023-2030 

What is Hedera coin, what will its value be, and should you invest in HBAR?

Hedera’s decentralized public network is built on a groundbreaking consensus algorithm, the hashgraph consensus, a revolutionary alternative to the traditional blockchain that is much faster and more secure. This platform can potentially revolutionize the digital world globally, and its native cryptocurrency HBAR is becoming increasingly valuable. 

Still, will the Hedera coin survive in the market? That is what we will analyze. We now focus on the potential of the Hedera coin across the next decade and make a price prediction for HBAR from 2023 to 2030. 

Facts About Hedera Crypto 

The Hedera crypto project was presented in July 2017. The original concept author is Leemon Baird

Leemon Baird, the hashgraph crypto solution inventor
Leemon Baird, the hashgraph crypto solution inventor

HBAR — the native crypto of the Hedera network — is used to fuel the network and enable secure and fast transactions. It is a deflationary, yield-bearing asset that can be staked to earn rewards while playing an important role in securing the network. You can learn more facts about its peculiarities in the official Hedera cryptocurrency documentation

Also, the Hedera blockchain is built for enterprise use, making it a valuable tool for business projects to store data, create digital identities, manage digital assets, and create smart contracts. 

How does it work?

A public ledger of transactions

  • A highly secure and distributed database that everyone can read from and write to.
  • Transactions are cryptographically secured using the hashgraph consensus algorithm.
  • Highly scalable to support millions of transactions per second.

The mainnet

  • A permissioned network of consensus and mirror nodes.
  • Currently managed by the Hedera Governing Council.
  • In the future, the network will be permissionless and able to be run by anyone.

Hedera crypto network 

  • A set of APIs allow devs to create accounts, mint tokens, add data to the ledger, call smart contracts, and more.
  • Allows developers to build distributed applications on the Hedera blockchain.

What is the hashgraph crypto solution?

Unlike blockchains, hashgraphs do not bundle data into blocks or use miners to validate transactions. Instead, hashgraphs are powered by a “gossip about gossip” protocol. Under this protocol, the individual nodes on the network are constantly sending messages or “gossiping” about the transactions on the network. The messages between the nodes create a directed acyclic graph or DAG, the data structure based on which the hashgraph is based. 

This DAG represents the time sequence of transactions on the network, so there is no immediate need for miners or blocks. As the nodes gossip, they come to a consensus about which transactions have been completed correctly. This consensus is then effective to validate the transactions and secure the network, making hashgraph one of the most secure public blockchains on the market.

Hedera Price Prediction Time! 

How the hashgraph crypto coin has performed
How the hashgraph crypto coin has performed

What will the Hedera token price be soon? We can only analyze the Hedera coin price in the future after analyzing its current performance. So, according to CoinMarketCap, Hedera cryptocurrency has the following stats: 

  • Hashgraph crypto price — $0.04912
  • Hedera coin market cap — $1,553,739,314
  • Fully diluted — $2,451,525,078
  • In circulation — 31,627,399,933 HBAR (63%)
  • Total and max supplies are both 50,000,000,000. 
  • Historical data check

Hedera coin price in 2023 

  • Minimum — $0.0467
  • Average — $0.07335
  • Maximum — $0.09839 

The Hedera coin price will likely crawl to the maximum of $0.09839 and stabilize until it leaps to $0.1 in 2023. The current market cap is only a fraction of the fully diluted market cap, and the total and max supplies are 50 billion. The Hedera coin has much more room to grow, especially as the network matures and more enthusiasts adopt hashgraph. There is also potential for the price to exceed the maximum prediction with the right investment and adoption. 

Hedera cryptocurrency price in 2024 

  • Minimum — $0.10075
  • Average — $0.59975
  • Maximum — $0.9665

By 2024, the Hedera coin price is likely to have increased significantly. This prediction is based on the increasing popularity of Hedera crypto as it matures and more people adopt it. It’s also possible for the price to exceed the maximum prediction if investors focus on this coin as a long-term investment. 

Hedera Hashgraph price forecast 2025

  • Minimum — $0.9715
  • Average — $1.45985 
  • Maximum — $2.204 

The Hedera Hashgraph price in 2025 looks very promising, with the potential to increase to an impressive result. An influx of institutional investors could increase the price with optimal investment and adoption. 

Hedera value in 2030

  • Minimum — $10.55
  • Average — $22.5-30
  • Maximum — $58

The Hedera Hashgraph coin price will likely increase steadily over the next decade. The growth potential is high as the network continues to gain in popularity and maturity. Institutional investors are also entering the space, which could lead to a huge surge in demand for HBAR tokens and cause their prices to skyrocket. 

Is Hedera a Good Investment?

Hedera is an innovative and highly demanded project with a huge potential to make its investors reap the top ROI. However, doing additional research and monitoring the cryptocurrency before investing is always wise, just like with a Harmony forecast.

The market is still young and aggressively volatile, and the price of HBAR is no exception. The future of the crypto market is mostly unpredictable, and the price of any coin can move up or down significantly within a short period. Therefore, evaluating the risks associated with any investment before investing is important.

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