MANA Coin Price Prediction 2030

Mana coin logo depicted in orange-and-red circles and on the red background
Mana coin logo depicted in orange-and-red circles and on the red background

Decentraland cryptocurrency is so promising that many enthusiasts see a new stablecoin in it. Many people mention the project as a significant (if not the best) virtual reality. Its metaverse’s performance attracts more digital inhabitants, and more investors have a significant interest in it. Overall, there is more than enough optimism around MANA. So, what can enthusiasts expect from it in 2023, 2024, and later?

Decentraland’s Background: What Is That Universe where MANA Exists?

History and concept

If you are new to the crypto plane or MANA has not been your interest focus, here is a brief recap for you. The project’s beta appeared in 2019, but the project fully launched in 2020. Its co-creators are A. Meilich and E. Ordano. Later, both left their leading positions, prioritizing advisory assistance for the project.

Decentraland is a creative and business plane for specialists and enthusiasts who offer artistic, business, medium, and other opportunities. Mostly, Decentraland is about entertainment, but objectively there are no restrictions. Furthermore, this digital land uses DAO, meaning that everything there is autonomous. In other words, people who have MANA control and govern that space and alter it together.

Hence, the Internet has another Internet now: a decentralized world where users can socialize, own assets, buy estates, and enrich the network with their creations. Of course, the metaverse is an amazing marketspace for content monetization.

There are two tokens in Decentraland: the ERC-20 MANA (fungible) and ERC-721 LAND (non-fungible). And we are focusing on the first one.

MANA’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Decentraland’s token wins over many projects for numerous reasons. But there are also weak points, like in any other case. Here they all come!

Gains Losses
  • 100% decentralization. Unrestraint, freedom, and independence are the pillars on which MANA’s world exists.
  • Of course, privacy. MANA havers are never under supervision.
  • MANA holders alter the project directly because users are the governors.
  • MANA is compatible with dApps on Ethereum.
  • Deflationary design.
  • Cross-chain accessible.
  • High development engagement and fast growth.
  • It could use better interoperability on other networks.
  • MANA is mostly for Decentraland and has minimum unique features outside the universe.
  • Has average speeds.

Recent statistics

Given the fast growth of the project, you might wonder whether MANA can hit $1000 soon. But let us first analyze the most recent statistics and MANA’s historical data before we present the MANA coin price prediction. So, the latest facts are:

Decentraland Price $1.03
Market Cap $1,911,811,736
Fully Diluted MC $2,271,424,680
Volume $317,992,536
Circulating Supply 1.85B
Max Supply
Total Supply 2,193,577,227

And the historical data shows that MANA has mostly positive tendencies. The currency suffered a downfall (well, like other coins because of a market fall crisis), but it managed to get over $1 faster than we usually see. The analysis shows that MANA is still volatile, but its price alterations are not detrimental, and it recovers fast. Mostly, users are bullish about MANA. But we can also see reports about how this project is a scam and is unlikely to bring any profit. Nevertheless, MANA has promising statistics.

MANA Coin Price Prediction up to 2030

So, can MANA reach $1000 soon, given its fast growth and an optimistic community? Here are its possibilities based on all data.

MANA Coin Price Prediction for 2022

  • Minimum: $0.98
  • Average: $1.37
  • Maximum: $2.26

MANA may still drop a bit, but it is likelier to hit the mentioned maximum at the beginning of the winter. The most realistic-case scenario is that it stays over $1 with several rapid upswings. But even if MANA hits $2, it might drop back to the average value.

MANA Coin Price Prediction for 2023

  • Minimum: $2.74
  • Average: $3.56
  • Maximum: $4.7

MANA promises stable yet not stellar growth. Plus, MANA gets support from more investors, and there are no signals that it will drop to Oblivion in the nearest couple of years.

MANA Coin Price Prediction for 2024

  • Minimum: $5.023
  • Average: $6.58
  • Maximum: $7.72

MANA has all chances to grow stronger and be worth over $6. It might get stuck at its minimum for some time and then crouch up closer to the maximum in a couple of months. Given that MANA is an often-used token with a good trading volume, it might sustain its success for the whole year. Even in the worst-case scenario, MANA holders will finally see that their MANA costs more than $5 as if it is 2021 again.

MANA token price prediction 2025

  • Minimum: $8.02
  • Average: $9.38
  • Maximum: $10.53

2025 has all chances to become a milestone year for the token. Yet, it is unlikely that MANA will be over $10 for long (if it reaches it, of course). It might hit $10 and then return to $9.5 with several drops under $9.

MANA token price prediction 2026

  • Minimum: $10.78
  • Average: $12.29
  • Maximum: $14.45

We cannot see MANA skyrocketing, but it will have positive tendencies in 2026. If the project has fertile soil, it might even hit more than our calculated maximum. Nevertheless, it is likelier to be $13, plus or minus $0.5 (and minus is likelier).

MANA token price prediction 2027

  • Minimum: $14.93
  • Average: $17.57
  • Maximum: $20.11

We must highlight that the minimum price is unlikely to stay for long. MANA will mostly be $17-18 with constant jumps up to $20 and then cooling periods when it costs averagely again. 2027 might make it drop a couple of times, but prompt recoveries should be there.

MANA token price prediction 2028

  • Minimum: $20.83
  • Average: $22.7
  • Maximum: $24.18

Plus or minus two, MANA will be around $22 if everything is smooth. It might even have a depressing season at the beginning of the year or later, but its price will not decrease drastically. It may also scare investors with an unexpected fall back to $20 (or even lower), but a month will suffice to increase its value.

MANA 2029

  • Minimum: $24.65
  • Average: $26.82
  • Maximum: $28.34

MANA has shown many features of a stablecoin. It might sustain that behavior. Even though 2029 is unlikely to let MANA hit $30, this tableland period will be the preparation time for the big hit next year.

And finally, 2030

  • Minimum: $29.28
  • Average: $32.12
  • Maximum: $35.1

It will be somewhat symbolic for MANA to hit $30 in 2030. Yet again, it might not jump high to scrape the sky, but it has a solid ground for sustainable growth.

Wait, But Will MANA Hit $1000?

Unfortunately, not until we enter the 2050s. Moreover, even 2050 might not make MANA cost $1000. Its price will be around $250, maybe up to $280. Still, realistic expectations do not always work in the volatile crypto world. So, there is a speck of hope that MANA will leap up to $400, which will be amazing.

Should I Invest in MANA?

Even though MANA shows slow growth in 2022, it has a strong and optimistic community. Moreover, the community contributes more than money, which makes this project unique, bright, and interesting for investors. It might be unwise to delay investing in MANA if you are ready to support that concept and the token. But if you are suspicious, we suggest waiting for the beginning of 2023. If the positive trend continues, MANA might be the best crypto token to invest in in 2023. Yet note that it will not bring a stellar profit immediately.

Final Words

The coin has a stark community and many positive tendencies. The project has great potential, but only in the long run. It does not leap up drastically and is more slow-paced than other cryptos. From the crypto world perspective, MANA is one of the safest options to invest in now or a bit later.


What is the minimum, average, and maximum token price prediction for MANA in 2025?

The minimum, average, and maximum token price predictions for MANA in 2025 are $8.02, $9.38, and $10.53, respectively.

Is it a good time to invest in MANA?

It depends on your investment goals and risk appetite. If you are looking for long-term investments, then investing in the coin now may be beneficial. However, it’s always advisable to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Will MANA reach $1000 in the near future?

It’s unlikely that the coin will reach $1000 soon. However, it could reach up to $400 by the end of 2030.

What are some key factors that could affect MANA price predictions?

Some key factors that could affect the token price predictions include market conditions, regulatory changes, news events, development progress, and adoption rate. Additionally, the performance of other cryptocurrencies may also impact the price of the tokens.

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