Arkham Pays $5K Bounty for Intel on Terra Co-founder’s Wallets

It is time for some fact and evidence digging…
It is time for some fact and evidence digging…

In a crypto investigation worthy of a blockbuster movie, Arkham Intel Exchange, the ultimate platform for unmasking blockchain secrets, has just handed out a juicy $5,000 bounty! The target? Terra co-founder extraordinaire, Do Kwon. It looks like someone is about to do some serious wallet spelunking!

Meet the On-Chain Sleuths

Who are these crypto sherlocks that cracked the case? Well, they go by the mysterious names of “anonymous user” and “Ergo.” Our sources tell us that Ergo fancies himself as a “glorified accountant” working with the renowned OXT Research team. Talk about a dynamic duo!

Chasing Down the Crypto Clues

So what did these crypto detectives actually dig up? They sent Arkham Intel Exchange some sizzling evidence of wallets linked to none other than Do Kwon and Terraform Labs. Hold onto your hats, folks, because this intel might just ruffle some feathers!

Doubts Cast on Terra’s Statements

Ergo dropped a bombshell, suggesting that the information uncovered could potentially contradict public statements made by Terra about owning just one Luna Foundation Guard wallet. Looks like the truth might be getting a little tangled up here, and Arkham is ready to blow the lid off!

Arkham’s Reward: 9,519.2625 ARKM Tokens

You can get $5K in these…
You can get $5K in these…

Cha-ching! Arkham Intel Exchange was so impressed by this goldmine of information that they dished out a whopping 9,519.2625 ARKM tokens to the brilliant sleuths. At the time of publication, that translates to roughly $5,000. Now that’s what we call hitting the jackpot!

What’s Next?

With this big payday, Arkham Intel Exchange has proven that it means business when it comes to deanonymizing the blockchain. They’re on a mission to shine a light on the shadowy corners of the crypto world and expose what’s hiding in the darkness.

A Bounty for the Bold!

This latest revelation is a reminder that the crypto community is always on the hunt for the truth. It’s a place where audacious individuals can strike gold by following the breadcrumbs left on the blockchain. Who knows what other secrets are waiting to be uncovered?

A Note of Caution

As exciting as this all sounds, we must remember that while bounties can be thrilling, they come with a sense of responsibility. Digging up information on someone’s wallet should be done ethically and responsibly. Let’s keep the spirit of fair play alive and well in the crypto community!

In Conclusion

The tale of Arkham Intel Exchange’s $5,000 bounty for intel on wallets allegedly linked to Terra co-founder Do Kwon has all the makings of a gripping mystery. On-chain sleuths Ergo and the anonymous user have showcased the power of transparency and accountability in the world of cryptocurrency. As the community eagerly awaits the next big reveal, we can’t help but wonder: what other secrets will be unveiled on the blockchain next? Stay tuned, crypto enthusiasts!In case you do not want to be a detective for this case, there is another bounty for you. We reported on Huobi’s Search for a Candidate to Fly to Mars. Stay tuned!

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