High Street Price Prediction 2023-2030 and Crypto News on HIGH 

High Street crypto coin is among those investment options that promise great ROI and entertainment. The coin has been in greens for some time, and many enthusiasts say it might cost over $5 soon (it is approximately $1.25 now). So, what can we expect from the High Street crypto coin, and what does cryptocurrency news say about it? 

What Is the High Street Crypto Project? 

Official High Street game art
Official High Street game art

Highstreet is a play-to-earn metaverse platform built with UNITY combining various elements, including commerce, gaming, NFTs, traditional currencies, and crypto action, into a unified MMORPG game. It enables players to purchase real-world products or services directly from the game with their cryptocurrency, a HIGH token.


The retail metaverse unfolds in the universe of Ducks. People and Ducks bridged these two worlds to unite forces. These inter-dimensional travels enable the two species to find their place, begin a new life, and explore another realm with various opportunities: from battling monsters to purchasing cool stuff. 

Going phygital

Phytigal things is the unique feature of this crypto gaming project
Phytigal things is the unique feature of this crypto gaming project

The game also introduces phygital objects, which literally means physical + digital. When purchased in-game, these items are sent to the players’ doorstep as the project collaborates with the best-used E-commerce projects like Shopify. 

Highstreet also offers great opportunities for its users to earn virtual rewards and real-world money when they complete certain tasks. Players can also purchase exclusive content with the HIGH token. 

Highstreet NFT marketplace 

Note how a High Street house on the Binance chain has decorations with the logo
Note how a High Street house on the Binance chain has decorations with the logo

High Street NFT marketplace offers three non-fungible tokens: Collectibles, Homes, and Furniture. 

  • Collectibles are unique digital items that represent physical or virtual assets. They are available in cards, avatars, and limited-edition items. NFTs of this type can be bought, sold, or traded within the platform and are perfect for collectors, creators, and entrepreneurs.
  • Homes are digital assets that represent virtual properties. Players can purchase and design their own homes and trade them on the marketplace. These NFTs can also rent virtual space or advertise products or services.
  • Furniture is an NFT type representing decorating items in the Highstreet world. Players can buy or sell furniture pieces to customize their homes, decorate their yards, or build a virtual business.

Crypto gamers can access the Highstreet marketplace in two different ways. The first option is by using the browser — players can open the Highstreet marketplace directly in their web browser. Players can also access the marketplace by going to the FOMO Tower Rooftop in the metaverse. That is an impressive tower located in the game’s virtual world, and the rooftop is the entrance to the marketplace. When players get to the FOMO Tower Rooftop, they can use the portal to access the marketplace and start trading.

What Does Cryptocurrency News Say About Highstreet?

The news about the Highstreet crypto coin is mostly positive. According to the latest cryptocurrency news, the Highstreet crypto coin has steadily grown over the past year. Experts believe it is expected to reach around $5 in the next few years… or months. 

According to TheVRsoldier, the Highstreet token is the #3 of the top 3 metaverse coins in 2022, with a market cap below $20 million. Furthermore, HIGH has started to gain attention in the crypto community as more people are investing in the coin.

High Street Crypto Price Prediction 

Well, those are some improvements
Well, those are some improvements

The HIGH cryptocurrency has already become $1.26 as I’m writing this, but will this 1.53% increment sustain itself and make Highstreet coin investors only happier? 

So far, the Highstreet coin has these stats: 

  • $1.2631 today, $1.4787 a year ago
  • Market cap — $46,416,366
  • Fully diluted — $124,867,046 
  • In circulation — 36,727,753 (37%)
  • Total and max supplies are 100,000,000
  • Check historical data here

Its price is also higher on some exchanges. For instance, it costs $2.0793 on Deepcoin, which is, nevertheless, not the 100% trusted crypto exchange. 

In 2023 

The HIGH crypto coin is steadily rising in price. Experts believe the coin might reach $2.5957 in 2023 but it will stay at around $1.9612 for a couple of months. Nevertheless, the coin is likely to increase in price over the years because of the positive news about the coin and the strong backing of the cryptocurrency community. 

In 2024

The Highstreet coin is expected to only rise higher in the next year, reaching a peak of $3.25. That will be largely due to the further development of the Highstreet project and the increasing demand for coins in the cryptocurrency world. 

In 2025-2030 

The prediction is that the HIGH crypto coin must reach $15.85 by 2025 and continue to grow steadily until 2030, reaching a peak of $70.95-110. The HIGH token may become one of the most demanded and supported ones, which will help it reach numbers over $50. That means that the returns on investment for early investors in Highstreet Coin could be quite substantial. 


While the High Street crypto coin is expected to only rise higher in the coming years, it is important to note that there is still some uncertainty. High Street had a sharp drop in price in 2022, and the coin could fall drastically again. Investors should be aware of the risks and carefully consider their investments. High Street’s future will depend on the overall performance of the crypto market, so any potential investors should be sure to stay updated on the latest cryptocurrency news.

Is HIGH a Good Investment? 

To sum it up, the Highstreet crypto project is a fascinating and promising investment opportunity. The project has seen steady growth over this year, and cryptocurrency news outlets are becoming more interested in covering it. Therefore, those interested in investing in Highstreet should watch the cryptocurrency news closely to make informed decisions.

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